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A simple program to control Internet access using password
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Internet is a power now. You can access your bank account, your mails, run your business and do a lot more without moving a step, using the Internet. But along with all these advantages it brought some curses - like online porn, online drug stores and frauds that are no good for your kids. Having an Internet connection at home is a very common thing for every active person these days, but keeping your kids away from its disadvantages has also become an important thing.

Internet Password Lock is a very unique program that lets you control Internet access from your PC very easily. The program allows you to lock all your web browsers, instant messengers and e-mail clients with a password to prevent unauthorized Internet access or online activities on your PC.

The best thing about the program is that it can also block any IP address on your computer, thus blocking all possible connections from your PC. No one will be allowed to browse the Web, send or receive e-mails, or chat using your computer without your permission. It can also block Windows' task manager and system utilities to make sure that the locking system itself cannot be terminated or shut down using any software utility or process manager. The configurations and settings of the program are also password-protected, so you do not need to worry if you have shared your password with another computer user, because only you will be able to change the password and settings of the program itself. It can also automatically lock any of your web browsers just by closing them, so you do not even need to tell the program to lock up every time you navigate the Web.

Shortly, the program is a very powerful Internet locker that gives you both privacy for your online activities and parental control over the net for your kids.

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